Diesel Repair in Nappanee, IN

Why Choose a Diesel? Why Choose Locke Performance for Repair? - Locke Performance

Each type of vehicle power has its advantage, and a diesel engine is the choice of many auto owners. Diesel power applications are varied, with these engines powering not only the large trucks that typically come to mind, but also some passenger cars and specialty applications such as RV’s, boats, tractors, and generators. Diesel engines are preferred by some for their efficiency, reliability, and longevity. As good as they are, however, they’ll eventually need service and repair like a traditional gasoline engine. Locke Performance in Nappanee, Indiana, is your one-stop-shop for mechanical repair. You’ll find us conveniently located just off Hwy. 19 at 28641 County Road 50. Give us a call at 574-393-9700 to make us your go-to partner in diesel repair.

The Workings of a Diesel Engine

While a gasoline engine compresses a gas-air mixture in the cylinders to create a small controlled explosion, a diesel compresses only air. The air heats to an extremely high temperature as it is compressed. This allows atomized diesel fuel injected into the combustion chamber to ignite. Because the addition of fuel occurs relatively late in the process, the fuel-air mixture is unevenly distributed. The torque the engine produces, therefore, is controlled through the amount of fuel that is added rather than the air intake. Typically, the air-fuel ratio is high. Many vehicles and equipment are powered by either two-stroke or four-stroke cycle diesel engines. There are even enormous ones with as many as 14 cylinders available for special uses.

A Great Option

As is evidenced by the number of engines sold, many owners prefer diesels for their longevity. They contend that a diesel engine lasts longer and is less difficult to rebuild, meaning that it can theoretically run almost forever. Diesel fans also point to these power plants as being more efficient. Because a diesel-powered motor has the highest thermal efficiency of any practical combustion engine, it has a high expansion ratio and a “lean” burn. This enables heat to dissipate through the excess air. Thus, a diesel engine wastes less fuel, so you usually get more for your dollar. As a result, some environmentalists agree that diesel is less damaging to the environment than gasoline engines because they run more efficiently, producing about 12% more power per gallon of fuel than do gasoline powered motors. Ultimately, a diesel emits less carbon waste for the same number of miles traveled than a gasoline engine.

Service and Repair

A diesel engine is a great option for some owners. If you’re one of those individuals, you also need a reliable local shop where you can take your engine for service and repair. In the Nappanee, Indiana, area, that go-to shop is Locke Performance. We back our work with a 36-month/36,000 mile warranty and stay up to date with the latest technology through annual training opportunities. Best of all, we’re rooted in our community and dedicated to serving our neighbors, including those like you who depend upon diesel engines.